Halloween 2009

Here are a few shots of the homestead with the pumpkins burning bright. I was treated to a great compliment while Trick or Treating near our house. We were walking at the far end of the street and another parent exclaimed, "I think those pumpkins are on fire!" Why yes, they are.

Trunk or Treat 2009

This was the big show this year and luckily it was a few days before Halloween, freeing me up for some pumpkin flaming at home and Trick or Treating with the kids. A few changes to the recipe this year had some great results. Here are a few pictures of the pumpkins on display.

After the initial warm-up the kids started going from car to car and I turned things up a little. The videos below show why my trunk was the most popular. I apologize for the poor quality video. Next year I'll have to have someone bring a better camera.

This was the big attraction. Some of the kids were ignoring the treats at the other cars and just standing there watching the pumpkins. You definitely know you've made an impact if they will ignore free candy.

I also used the flamethrower again this year. The kids loved it when I set the parking lot on fire.

Trunk or Treat 2008

This was definitely the hit of the show and really stopped the kids in their tracks. They kept begging for more flame.

Prep work 2008

To step things up a bit from last year I decided to add a new attraction, the Flame Throwing pumpkin. Based on designs from my neighbor at www.flamingpumpkin.com this was a real treat. I started on the mechanics several weeks in advance in order to have things ready. Then we had our annual pumpkin carving party and had to test the system out. I carved the pumpkin to look like he was blowing and it worked very well.

Trunk or Treat 2007

Unfortunately this was not a good year for pictures. I was too busy running the show. Luckily (or not) someone took one of me.

Trunk or Treat 2006

Continuing the tradition I set up early this year. Strangely no one wanted to park next to me. I wonder why.

As always the kids loved the effect and were very excited about what was going on.

Pumpkin Testing 2005

This year we are participating in a local Trunk or Treat and want to bring the Flaming Pumpkins to decorate our area. To get things ready we had a carving party and then tested out the effects.

Then it was off to the party.